New clips fergie (Fergie) – Love is Pain and Love Is Blind

Singer and actress fergie (Fergie) again has pleased fans with new releases. The artist has released two new clips that were shot to the songs Love Is Pain and Love Is Blind.
Love Is Blind shot in the genre of puppet animation. The main character is a beautiful blonde. She lives in a cozy house with a swimming pool and enjoy luxury. But with personal life and beauty trouble. No luck for her with the male sex. However, the young lady is not one of those who will meekly go with the flow and put up with resentment.
First boyfriend dared to shift their focus from the heroine’s two neighbors, who by negligence. Beauty was stabbed with a knife, and a guy the heroine is turned into a holder for umbrella. The next suitor came out very late, justifying it’s purchase of gift. But the Supervisory blonde noticed the lipstick mark on the neck of the guy. And turned it into a flower pot. The third also had it coming to violence. There was nothing to throw trash everywhere and stuff. Now she turned into the hanger, whose task is to maintain order in the house.
In the second clip, Love Is Pain, the singer is very soulful sings. The camera shows mostly the bust of the heroine. The focus of the audience is also a dancer. A girl stands on the pedestal and through the dance conveys the emotion and pain of the singer. Fergie herself in front of the camera even shed a tear.
Both compositions are part of a new Double album, the Dutchess, which was released on September 22. He became the second album in the solo career of the artist. Debut album girl was released ten years ago, in 2006.

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