New clip Veronika Andreeva – to Do stupid things

Singer, songwriter and composer, star of Russian chanson Veronika Andreeva presented the video for the new song “Do something stupid”.
The movie is stylized in the genre of the Western. The actions in the story take place in the Wild West. The heroine of the clip looks quite modern. Girls dressed in country shirt and short denim shorts, care for horses and equip. One cowboy very rudely expressed his dissatisfaction with woman’s work. For the character Veronika Andreeva decided to teach him a lesson. Women tied a guy to the bales of hay and fought with a whip. When the hero continued to rant and it wouldn’t let up, the girls started revealing to throw Darts in a straw wall to which it was tied.
Real name Andreeva Elena Neklyudova. She received a professional musical education. Since 2001 he has released seven Studio albums. Repeatedly became the laureate of the award “the Chanson of year”. The artist writes and performs songs in the genres of Lieder, chanson, pop music and Jah fusion.

Source: https://radiopotok.ru/news/5665/