New clip of the singer GABI – Cooled

Contestant on “the Voice” on the “First” of Brazilian singer Gabriella Silva, also known as GABI, has submitted a video for the song “Cool.”
The Director of the work made by Ian Bojanovic (Yan Bokhanovich). Movie the plot is nothing new. As correctly noted in the comments to the video viewer, the clip combines all the clichés of the hip-hop industry. Gabriella dancing in the company of show-ballet MDC NRG, showing that all their “advantages”. The girl never hid the fact that did not one plastic surgery. According to the singer, her home is the norm. So why not show the clip to all viewers its fifth size. To heighten the effect the artist brought the dog. The dog and stood in front of the camera while holding his leash Gabrielle wagged his hips and a bust in front of the operator.
Viewers criticized not only video but also the song itself. Not only that, it doesn’t have any clever text, and half of the words spoken by the artist, not tell. The fact that Russian is not the native language of the singer, it becomes clear from the first lines.
The song “Cold” was released as a single on September 19. Career Anna Lucia (real name of the singer) started in childhood, in his native Rio de Janeiro. She participated in various competitions and festivals. Soon she began to perform at the leading concert venues of the country. She was married to a Muscovite, Gabrielle moved to Russia. Here the wide audience of the singer became famous after participating in the contest “New wave” and the fourth season of “the Voice.”

Source: https://radiopotok.ru/news/5735/