New clip of “the Brothers Grimm” – Cherish

Popular group “the Brothers Grimm” introduced the clip to the song “Cherish” by the author which was made by the frontman of the band, Konstantin Bugaev.
Directed work team Production Antistatic, which comprises Diaghilev Nina, Asya Fry, Danila Zotov and Dmitry savos’kin.
The video turned out quite bright, in pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and grey colors. The musicians, dressed in white suits, posing for the camera, dressed in the style of “two countersunk, three prihlopa” and grimace. Also among the characters of the movie are the Duo of mimes, girl listening to music on the player and the player is not very sporting appearance.
The audience blew the group to smithereens. There was criticism of the song, and video. In the first case, the team was accused of inconsistency of current musical trends and rustic text. And in the case of the visual part — the lack of dynamics, the story and style. In defense of the musicians, made some fans, appealing to the fact that to hear a familiar voice of “Lashes” were nice.
The song “Cherish” was released as a single. The album track is not yet included. And will there be soon a new album of the group remains a big question.
The team of “the Brothers Grimm” was founded in 1998 by two brothers. The Duo quickly gained popularity, and their calling card was and still is their best track, “Eyelashes”. By 2008, differences in the team resulted in the fact that the musicians had fled, and a year later fell even brothers. Two years later Constantine Bugaev resumes the activities of “the Brothers Grimm”, but without the brother.

Source: https://radiopotok.ru/news/5722/