New clip Artem Pivovarov – Vanoce

The famous singer and songwriter Artem Pivovarov presented the video for the song “Vanoce”.
Director of work by the Ukrainian clipmaker Taras Golubkov. The plot of the video is difficult to describe. The action takes place like in a closed club of some kind, where many strange girls and Tom among them, whether the king or the jester. At first they COO over artist, lying in a Golden cradle, and then presented him with a gift of a strange girl, painted blue, with a gold stamp on the chest.
The viewers correctly noted in the comments to the clip on the YouTube page of the artist that the song is stylistically very similar to the work of Dmitry Monastica, and the clip is made in the same spirit.
Composition “Monaci” was included in the new album, Artem Pivovarov “Element of water”. The release of the album took place in February of this year. She became the third album in the career of the artist. In the fall of Brewers plans to release its sequel — the fourth album “the Element of fire.”