New boyfriend gave Kalashnikova Bentley for 20 million

Until someone in the international women’s day happy flowers and candy, Anna Kalashnikov received a larger gift.

On March 8 the ex-lover of Prokhor Chaliapin gave the car of a class “Lux”, which cost 20 million rubles.

Now Anna is the winner of the Reds Bentley Bentayga. Note that in Russia these machines one.

“I’m so happy, — admitted Kalashnikov. — This car is very exclusive. A unique model, and the color is the only one in Moscow. Oh, my God! The best March 8 in my life!Thank you beloved!”.

To brag about the gifts Anna knows how and does it with great pleasure, but the name of the suitor, which made her so generous a gift, she prefers not to name.

“Happiness loves silence – sure a Kalashnikov. — I can only say that this is the same man that gave me a range Rover. We met him on the second day after I had surgery for breast augmentation, Dr. Alexander Abakumov. A few days before that, I was left without a driver and was calling friends asking to pick me up from the clinic. Itself to get behind the wheel I could not. Volunteered to help one of my friends. He recommended his friend. So all we have spun”.


Source: kp.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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