Network Beyonce without makeup compared to a Gypsy

Popular American singer Beyonce always out with makeup and styling, but this time the artist decided to relax and immediately got into the lens paparazzi. Netizens were shocked by the appearance of the singer, and some have compared beyoncé to a Gypsy.


After giving birth, Beyonce still didn’t come in the same form that is constantly discussed by users of the Network. Now the actress still came out without makeup and just shocked his fans. Many thought that the beauty beyoncé depends only on cosmetics, and not from natural data. Without makeup fans have nicknamed the singer is a Gypsy, since it is difficult to know the favorite of millions.

“It is very noticeable that without makeup, has changed not for the better”, “I thought that Gypsy woman”, “Wow, never used this photo of her wouldn’t know”, “And it’s one that many people want to be like and go crazy?”, commented shots of the paparazzi of the Internet users.