Netizens have named the sexiest athlete

Netizens have named the sexiest athlete of Russia. Some even admitted that watching different performances solely due to the beauty of the athlete.


Internet users are considered the sexiest athlete that is the figure skater and Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov. The skater recently posted in his microblog another provocative photo. Her famous athlete is sitting in a sexy pose. From clothes on it only visible to the jeans, and on his feet – massive sneakers. Fans of the skater so admired this image that they immediately recognized the Novel’s sexiest athlete. Some began to compare him to Plushenko, who, judging by the comments, not compete.

“The sexiest athlete of all Russia. For you before the Olympics was watching”, “Pretty unrealistic, a champion, Plushenko is not to compare how imp. And looks like”, “I see in you unbridled sexuality…can you help me with this”, “Pretty unrealistic, not the fact that Plushenko,” – commented the subscribers Kostomarov.