Netflix has rights to stream new episodes of “Star trek”

Netflix has rights to stream new episodes of “Star trek”

Streaming service Netflix has won the rights for the international screening of the TV series “Star trek,” in which showrunners the Creator of “Hannibal’s” Bryan fuller.

In February 2016, it became known that CBS is going to release on the screens of the new “Star trek”. For the development of the series had been hired Bryan fuller (showrunner of “Hannibal” and “American gods”) and Alex Kurtzman, who had produced the film version of “Star trek” and “StarTrek: Retribution.

Fuller had a hand in the scripts of the 22 episodes of “Star trek: Voyager. Showrunner began his career as a writer-freelancer, but rose through the ranks to the post of co-producer of the series.

New “Star trek” launch app CBS All-Access, a paid service that will cost $5.99 per month and allows to watch not only all the new series, but all the old series of the franchise, as well as other projects of the channel.

However, this service will only be available in America and Canada, while the rest of the world each episode of the new “Star trek” will appear on the streaming service Netflix, 24 hours after the American premiere.

Shooting the series will begin in Toronto in September 2016, and the first series of “Star trek” will be on air in January 2017. The creators promise to introduce a new command, new ship and new adventures.

50 years ago, the original “Star trek” barely stayed in the air. The series Gene Roddenberry could not boast of high ratings at a time when viewers love to watch My wife spelled me” or “General hospital.” In front of the camera for NBC in 1966, “Star trek” lasted three seasons and was closed after 79 episodes, despite the sea of letters from fans in support of the series. In the fall of 1969, the channel repeated the “Star trek”, and by the end of the 1970s the history of the adventures of captain Kirk and Spock gained a strong cult status.

On the wave of reruns of “Star trek” in 1987 saw the debut of the TV series “Star trek: the Next generation” after which appeared “Star trek: Voyager, Star trek: deep space 9” and “Star trek: enterprise. The television universe, opened five decades ago, will continue in our time.


Source and photo: kinopoisk.ru