Natasha Queen was criticized for frilly sparkly dress

Outfit Natasha Koroleva on the “New wave” angered many fans of the singer. The abundance of sequins, too short length and overall style for his age shocked the audience.

At the beginning of September in the city of Sochi started the musical contest “New wave”, which are not only competitors, but also domestic celebrities. On the red carpet appeared and Natasha Koroleva, who immediately called “magpie” and “farm girl” for a long dress.

Popular Russian singer Natasha Koroleva took part in the music festival “New wave – 2017”. Celebrity decided to stand out among all the artists and put on a dress style from the 90-ies. The audience compared the Queen Natasha with “magpie” and “collective farm” for the overly sequined gown in rhinestones.

In addition, fans were also angered with the length of the dress, which for a woman her age looked obviously vulgar.

“Oh My God! What is it?? What such a dress at her age?”, “What kind of farm? Nineties fashion is back?”, “Like a magpie all in glitter! For his age already! And out, thighs have become! And all there is!” – commented on the attire the Queen of the Internet users.