Natasha Koroleva filmed a video for 13 thousand roubles 24???

Natasha Koroleva, popular Russian singer, tried his hand as a producer. According to the singer, the new video “Washed your underwear for Openband” was very sensual and sexy, informs StarHit.

The movie, the plot of which the wife caught her husband with his mistress, has already gathered over half a million hits in the network Instagram. The Queen told the press that at the beginning of the year in Los Angeles he graduated from the course producers, so she has some knowledge to implement their ideas. The clip only cost 13 thousand rubles.

Singer Natasha Koroleva | Telenedelya “the Final task began shooting commercials or music video. I chose the latter, installation finished on the days,” said the Queen.

Also Natasha Koroleva noted that were no auditions.

“Invited to withdraw girls from the beauty salon. Backing vocalist Anya was the main character of the movie,” added the well-known representative of the Russian stage.