Natasha Koroleva became a victim of fraud

Famous Russian singer Natasha Koroleva, who recently spoke about the futility of EKO and his burning desire to give birth to her husband Sergei Glushko another child, admitted that her life came a black stripe. Depressing the star suspects that attracts the negative, because recently, she became a victim of fraud.

Natalia learned that some scammers sell the role in her new clip for the money.
“This is a pure fraud! In my life anything can happen, but this is a first. Director I sent screenshots of the messages that we supposedly hold casting for the main roles in the video. And aren’t we shooting! The scammers are inviting people to audition, demanding money. But I never took money from the artists. On the contrary, always all on me.” warns of potential victims Natasha.
The singer suspects that she is simply “the gift” — to attract the negative, and everything bad happening to her is payback for the good that she did.
“What if I attract such negativity, do not understand. I do not know what nerves of steel you need to have to survive and have a positive look at the world. But I still can do it. For all the good in this life you have to always pay something negative. Perhaps it is,” she said.
We will remind that in the beginning, the state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov decided to ban Natasha being on some activities with minors and even wanted to deprive her of the title of people’s artist. The reason for this was video from the personal archive of Natalia and Sergey, stolen by hackers. When Milonova explained how this video got to the Network, it is understood that the artist herself suffered from it, and decided not to harm her. But from now on, I’m sure the Queen, her life began a dark stripe.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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