Natalie Portman promotes her debut movie with rumors of an affair with a famous writer

After a long lull in the media again began to appear the name of Natalie Portman.

In the press with great interest discussed the news of the pregnancy of the actress and her divorce from her husband Benjamin Millepied.

Rumors of divorce with her husband Natalie recently denied, but to comment about the pregnancy while they are trying to abstain. However, the paparazzi are sure that there is nothing to comment because the facts, so to speak, is obvious. Natalie has repeatedly seen on walks with a noticeably rounded belly.

Topics regarding personal life, Portao prefers to remain silent, but the new film tells with pleasure.

The premiere debut of the film Natalie is scheduled for August 19. The picture is called “a Tale of love and darkness”. At the moment the picture was criticized, and it is known, can lead to a complete failure of the rental. To bring to his creation the attention of the public Portman decided scandal.

With the permission of the actress (it is important to note), the press got her personal correspondence with the writer Jonathan SAFRAN Foer. For 14 years these two are talking in the epistolary genre and so, decided to make their letter public.

“You’re one of the first to come to the reading of my debut novel. And in 14 years of friendship that followed, we had many “first”, writes Jonathan in may 2016.

“I’m so glad to reconnect… But I go to sleep, I’ll text you tomorrow? Behind the wall plays a loud music, not sure I’ll be able to sleep,” answers Natalie.

Secular observers suggest that the way Natalie is trying to draw attention to his new film (nothing does it better than a scandal involving the third person in the pair), and the Foer – one of my first 10 years of the novel, “Here I am”. There is already much to ponder.

I wonder should we wait for something more edgy and closer to the planned premiere of Portman?

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