Natalie Portman did not watch the prequel “Star wars” with his son

Actress Natalie Portman refused to show your child the trilogy prequel “Star wars”. In the tape she played the role of Queen padmé Amidala, and the son really wanted to see her sensational film. But, as it became known, the decision not to show the child the prequel, is not associated with the bad reputation of the film, just Natalie remembered that her character dies in the end.

“I suddenly remembered that die in the end. This is probably not what my child needs to look at the screen,” thought Natalie and refused to show his five year old son kinoraboty.
Portman is going through that five-year old boy will not be easy to understand that mom and Amidala is not one and the same person, and that having seen the screen dying mother, the son might be scared and traumatized for life.
Recall that in the hire and training camp film showed pretty well, but many critics and fans have criticized the prequel, and even proposed to Portman for anteprime “Golden raspberry” and “Worst supporting actress”.

Source: http://comicbook.com
Photo: https://www.film.ru

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