Natalia Vodianova for the first time told why he divorced aristocrat Justin Portman

Russian model Natalia Vodianova was able to achieve not only professional success but also a family. The star of the catwalk is the mother of five children, born in a relationship with two different men.

Now Natalia will be in a civil marriage with French businessman Antoine Arnault. Before him Vodianova was married to British aristocrat Justin Portman.

The Union seemed all perfect, because for many it was surprising that in 2011, the couple announced the termination of the relationship.

Today, six years after the divorce, Vodianova finally decided to tell me what was the reason for their break with the Portman.

It turned out that the man aspired to be part of the family, did not want to perform the duties that spouses take on, when on light there are children: “Justin loved and loves our children, but he at some point lost interest in them. He is not one of those fathers who love to work with heirs to bathe and put to bed them. I was and still am a mother hen. As a result, all care about our children rests on my shoulders. But to be one family need moments like this to experience together. That’s why Justin moved away from us with kids, and we have ceased to be husband and wife.”

Recall that in marriage with Natalie Portman gave birth to three children – Lucas Alexander, Neva and Viktor.

Now Vodianova enjoys a harmonious relationship with Antoine Arnault, which also gave birth to two kids – max and Roman.

Here’s what Natalie says about this Union: “Antoine never thought that any model would bear him children. We were both surprised when I felt that perfectly fit each other. Sometimes life surprises you. And the fact that we do not formalize their relationship officially doesn’t mean I’m ready to leave him to have an affair on the side. Because I’m not painted feel that we are married. And if we are satisfied, why change something?”.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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