Natalia Shturm criticized Eugene Aspen – 24???

Russian singer Natalia Shturm criticizes singer Evgeny Osin. According to Natalia, singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” is not able to pull myself together, reports StarHit.

The disappearance of the singer Eugene Aspen in mid-August to discuss the media landscape of Russia. It is known that already now the popular singer is being treated for alcohol dependence in Thailand. Famous TV presenter Dana Borisova, which she took an intensive course of drug treatment, also helps the singer with a destructive addiction.

Natalia Shturm and Evgeny Osin

Natalia Shturm believes that Evgeny Osin is not interested in treatment. According to her, the singer wants to relax in Thailand “for free”.

“I don’t believe in happy ending of this story. It is now completely. There was some hope in the beginning, now it is not. He’s seduced by the fact that it is a resort, they’ll feed him, he will not want for anything”, — says the artist.