Natalia Podolskaya threw Vladimir Presnyakov

In a new interview with Natalia Podolskaya told how he met Vladimir Presnyakov, who later became her husband.

The singer admitted that he fell in love with Presnyakov at first sight, but as it turned out, he was married to Lena Lena. Natalia admitted that he was worried about this, but decided to part with her beloved. “We broke up. It was impossible for me to meet with a married man. And cutting off my hand, I decided that we break up… you can not Continue”.

Separation from Presnyakov Podolsky was going through very difficult: she lost her appetite, she is almost constantly crying. The singer comforted her colleagues Cheryl Cole and Julianna Karaulova.

The suffering lasted six months, until one day, Natalie saw Vladimir on TV. This morning, the singer called him and they started Dating again. Thus for those six months he Presnyakov tried to resume a relationship with Natalia. “I was very offended, by sending a message that we should break up and not explaining anything”, — explained Natalia, adding that at the time the marriage of Vladimir with Lena was a formality.