Natalia Oreiro in a new music video turned into a immodest conductor

Natalia Oreiro caught the fancy of the audience after her participation in the TV series “Wild angel”. Since then, the actress and singer is very popular, because she does everything to keep it as long as possible.

Uruguayan artist continues to excite as many years ago. And in the new video for the track called Corazón Valiente (brave heart) it shows that the time it yielded.

Natalia looks incredibly attractive that should please her fans.

By the way, in the choice of musical material, according to fans of the actress, she remains true to herself. Oreiro was not to be original and recorded a song in the style of his most famous hits.

The clip also opened new facets of the singer: in a candid video, the action takes place on the train. Natalia in a very indiscreet way conductors move through the cars, followed by the gaze of men. Of course, the pretty actress is flirting, seducing smooth dance moves.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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