Natalia Krasko spoke about the intelligence Sobchak – 24???

Actress Natalie Krasko said that thinking about the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. According to Natalia, the famous journalist, well educated and has a high level of intelligence, informs “StarHit”.

The last few years, the married 26-year-old Natalia Krasko and her husband, 86-year-old actor Ivan Krasko, actively discussing the Russian society. According to Natalia, “the media hype around her family” does not bring happiness. In addition, the actress said that continues to be creative, and also plays in the theater “Travesty”.

Ivan and Natalia Krasko | tvnz

Not so long ago the Russian media reported that Ksenia Sobchak will go to the presidential election. Users of the Network began to make their predictions for this reason. Commented on this topic and Natalia.

“I think Xenia is a very smart man, but from political issues to try to refrain. Now devote more time to creativity,” said Krasko.