Natalia Krasko openly talked about the lover

27-year-old wife 87-year-old people’s artist of Russia Ivan Krasko, Natalya decided to comment on the scandal in which she was accused of betraying her husband.

According to the young actress, she and her husband have recently deteriorated material well-being, there was no money even on the subway. So she and Ivan began to participate in various television shows where you pay money, however, you have to “play” on the proposed scenarios. “We have to get out. No choice. There is no escape… I’m not ashamed of it. Because they earn on our family… I realized that’ll still be poor always, and my life has not been sweet honey and then will not be”, — admitted Natalia “the Fifth channel”.

So her affair with some man named Alexander, too, was one of the ways to make money. Perhaps that is why Ivan Krasko was calm and always say: “I believe Natasha, who says she has no one. And the fact that my Director allegedly punched this Alexander, I did not see. He probably thought… if this happened and she cheated on me, she would have ceased to exist for me”.