Natalia Koshel, state: biography of model, latest news

A few days ago, September 8, in the capital of Ukraine was a powerful explosion of the car “Toyota”, which was Timur Makhauri, and his companion was model Natalia Dior Purse. And the car was also a child who was hurt and now his life is not in danger.

It is reported that Timur Makhauri, who formerly served in the Donbas and a member of the Chechen volunteer battalion, died on the scene of an emergency. Doctors could only ascertain his demise.

Natalia Koshel was urgently hospitalized in the hospital. According to doctors, the result of a car explosion model lost a leg. Her body and eyes a lot of wounds and burns. It is reported that the woman lost a lot of blood and soon she will need another surgery. Now, model Dior is in critical condition and doctors fear for her life, though a small hope that the girl will survive there.

Meanwhile, users of social networks are trying to support the victim model, at the time, as some condemn her and say that she can’t be a model for Dior.

Natalia has two higher education. “My second degree in journalism. As I did in the fun, because I love to write and practice it not only in social networks,” – said the woman.

We will remind, on September 8 in the center of Kiev exploded a car, causing the driver died on the spot. The machine is controlled participant of liquidation of the terrorist Shamil Basayev, who fought later in the Donbass in the Chechen dobrobat, Timur Makhauri, the passenger seat was a well-known model.