Natalia Friske: Fame came after the death of her sister

Natalia Friske – the person that everyone knows as “sister Jeanne Friske”. Last to die in 2015 from cancer, and still the passion around this just don’t cease. Zhanna Friske was not a brilliant person, but she made her name, sang and starred in several movies. For example, many will remember her in the role of vampire Alice from the film adaptation of “Night Watch”. There were rumors that Jeanne almost always worked, rarely allowed himself to relax, because it was necessary to include parents and younger sister, which for some time, as stated in one media, led not quite the right way of life. It was rumored that Natalia was a girl, rarely allowed himself to focus on the work. Consequently, she lived for some time at the expense of the sisters.


However, information is not accurate, but the fact remains: now Natalia Friske is not engaged in any creative activity, but in the media her name appears regularly. The girl in the swimsuit expose, and it is there for Jeanne will take, it will be asked to help the financial friend who has cancer and it will also compare with the tragedy of Joan.

A lot of this and direct interview about the death of her sister, where she does the photo some show about the late beloved TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev will vote. Two years have passed since that day when he died, Zhanna Friske, but the theme of her tragedy alive in the press and is actively used including the and sister. Perhaps this was done not on purpose, but it happens. Accordingly, we can say that the famous Natalia Friske was just after the death of her sister. In fact, this is akin to celebrity Diana Shurygina, only in a more cultural setting, without vulgarity, and the story is real, not invented, as some say.

What do you know about Natalia? She was born in 1986 in Moscow, being under the age of Joan for 12 years. Then the whole family was Kopylova, before the producer of the “Brilliant” didn’t want to have the soloist was alias louder. Jeanne, on reflection, decided to call it Frisco, because that was the name of her paternal grandmother, who was of German origin, and after it to change the name wanted and other relatives. In the childhood Natalia was interested in music and even graduated from music school. However, the vocal was a few obscenities, and my parents decided to make her a lawyer. After graduation Friske Jr. even spent some time in the Prosecutor’s office, but had it six months – did not suit the tight schedule and harsh requirements.

After that, Natalia began to think again about how to try yourself as a media person, and Jeanne, which at that time already gained some popularity and success, undertook to help her in this. From the “Brilliant” just left and socialite Anna Semenovich, here Natalia and took her place. However, played with this team a girl just a year. Some say that the problem was her – because like the character of Natalia broke all the graphics and not enough preparing for the performances, that kicked her out. Others argue that the artist just wanted some sort of independence, and the tight schedule did not like much. Star’s life was not so perfect, for each step, Natalia was constantly watched by the public, and it’s all weighed. In the end, the girl first tried his hand at a solo career, there was even one clip that was paid on the funds of Joan, but then decided that’s enough.

Natalya went for makeup courses and she has been working in this area in the cabin Novokosino. Pages Friske Jr. in social networks often appear on the masters, who, in her opinion, can make something very beautiful, with a cast photo. Natalie laminates eyebrows and eyelashes. A genius of make-up she, apparently, did not, however, fans wishing to follow her life. It is interesting that, for example, on the page in social network “Vkontakte” is not, as such, mussirovanie theme of the death of Jeanne Friske. Natalia talks about make-up, repost interesting entry, showing their relatives wishes friends happy birthday and shares pictures of his dog. In short, a fairly conventional life that her followers apparently quite satisfied. About his former career of the singer Natalia also mentions. It was an interesting moment when the girl put in fotoset Instagram in a swimsuit, and many members stated that it strongly resembles the Jeanne here. In response Natalia just asked her not to compare with the deceased sister.

However, the topic continues. If Natalia and tries to avoid talking about Joan on their pages, why is the press giving an interview about her two years later. A very controversial work insights: if you want to live your life, not using the glory of the popular sisters, why constantly talk about it in the media? Interview artists give not under torture, so to speak, and if you want you to give them up, but this is not happening. Accordingly, we can say that the sister’s death really brought Natalia Friske fame. Not creativity or other personal achievements, and it is such a tragedy. Did you ever want such fame to, is not known. It is obvious that the and the press involved in this: there would be a desire among journalists to write about Jeanne Friske, and would not appeal to her relatives for comment.