Natalia Bochkareva: “With the personal life I have everything in order”

Natalia Bochkareva: “With the personal life I have everything in order”

Actress Natalia Bochkareva today, July 25, marks 36 years. In an exclusive interview Days.<url> star told than like her character, Dasha man Bukin, and even revealed details of his personal life.

“Of course, with my personal life, I have everything in order, believe me, I’m fine!” happily said Natalia, thanking the correspondent of Days.<url> for the congratulations. Recall that the actress was very upset by the divorce with her ex-husband, lawyer Nikolay Borisov. Fortunately, now favorite the whole country “Dasha Bukin” regained happiness.

Bochkarev admitted that he loves to praise her character: “I played it, so anyway we like. We both funny, positive look at life, but a way of life for me is not the same as Dasha Bukina. Frankly, the work on set takes a lot of energy”.

Natalia noted that he does not have any specific creative goals, and slightly pondered the answer to the question of who she would like to play. “I think my role will still be mine. Destiny don’t leave,” said the star of the national series.

Be distracted from the work the actress helps… drawing. As it turned out, Natalia still students paint. “It’s my hobby. Write in different genres – it’s just my emotions. There is some kind of fantasy – and I want her to draw, to bring to life. I have landscapes, surreal paintings, and still lifes. Some of them are sold, a lot of work at the time, gave friends. All of them are somehow my favorite,” said the actress.


Source and photo: dni.ru