Nastya Lisova told how I met my husband

I am writing at the request of a majority of our storey Misha Dating. Since I love to analyze things and draw conclusions, by the way, a good habit, helps me a lot, I tracked down the entire chain, i.e. the number of key events that eventually made me truly happy married woman.

About a year ago, after a failed lousy affair, I went to lick his wounds in Peter. But I think at least the situation will change, will wither away. And randomly was there at the same time, Liberi with friends. Hey, Lib. It so happened that we were together zatusit and began to chat. This company was a young man, his name is Maxim. Hi Max. Later he asked me to appear in the video of the musical group Casual solo counter is a young man named Alex. Hi Alex. Can anyone remember, in October-November I posted a clip with my participation. During the video shooting we met with Misha. He helped the art come to life, as Alex Misha were friends. I have to tape even photo is where we all sit together, and next to me my future Husband. Who would have thought. It turns out the whole chain of our acquaintance began 2.5 years ago when we met Libby.

So, I mean, in life there are different events, both good and bad, but you never know where these events lead. My advice, send their wishes into Space, and you will definitely get on the path that will lead You to Your happiness! Perhaps it is thorny like me, but it’s worth it, my dear! Now write your story Dating! It will be interesting to read.