Nastya Lisova told about his health during the ninth month of pregnancy

So, here’s a mini report on my 38th week of pregnancy. The increase in the weight of +10 kg. was Originally 52,5 62,5 about now. Many say that before the birth takes 1-2 kg. you Do so? If so, do I fit into your original plan. I was planning to dial +9 kg.
Citrus still made themselves felt! Though I wrote many, that it’s all garbage, but the body turned out to be smarter. Even after 1 Mandarin I started to itch. At first I did not understand what was happening, then tracked and realized that the itching I have from the citrus. Even the shower gel had to change.

Oh, my head. The headaches started. But the good news is that I know how to control. That is, they appear if I accept the position of the reclining or half-sitting, a bit clumsy, so to say. Apparently something somewhere clamped and then, after the position change, for a couple of minutes me like a sledgehammer to the head with one hand beat. Not a pleasant feeling to be honest. At whom such was? I hope after delivery it will pass. Surely it is in the vessels, I have was originally not strong.

Here I have a fun 9 month of pregnancy, but it’s nothing compared to waiting on the Light of our Beautiful Girls. I think every future or present mom appear out of nowhere a huge amount of hidden reserves in the form of strength, energy and patience. I already feel myself. If you have questions, ask.