Nastya Lisova remembers how to survive morning sickness

Remembering that “wonderful” time called “morning sickness” becomes, frankly, creepy. But since You have interest, let me know how it was for me. It lasted about 1.5 months to 14 weeks, if memory serves me correctly. Photography, in fact, reflects the essence of the “beautiful” state. I was sick, nauseous (especially in the mornings and evenings), from any spirits wrenched and I always wanted spaaaace.

Studies couldn’t understand why I’m acting like sauerkraut, and I have collected all will in a fist and said that my acclimatization after the Dominican Republic. By the way, my advice to you, better not fly in the first months of rest, if you have morning sickness. The rest will be no rest, but x z. Then hot, then cold, then sick, then want to sleep. Thanks to her husband, he successfully passed all the tests.

About how I coped with morning sickness? Yes way. Just waiting when the day will come X. the Only thing easier after acidic. Helped green apples, passion fruit, etc Appetite I have among other things disappeared at that time, simply due to the fact that pulling more on this sour, dropped 1 kg.

Tell me, how have You been? Know what some do is can’t take off 5-7 pounds in the first months, and some do not. How about You?