Nastya Lisova refused to help subscribers

In turn, fans of Anastasia Lisovoy was outraged, telling his darling to be careful with Goias and especially not to trust a girl after she did this, and remembering how she insulted his girlfriend for the sake of ratings. Moreover, it has been repeatedly Sasha gave their actions to understand that they can do something, if suddenly will arise the need, the website life-dom2.su.

In turn, Nastya said that in life lacked a lot of problems. So Anastasia said to his followers that he considers necessary for a long time to hold a grudge against the man for his actions, because resentment for Lisovoy – heavy, which will have to live, and it will be a tough test.

“About with whom I communicate and with whom not, dear friends, I will solve itself! I had arguments, tears, resentment and disagreements, but I think it’s stupid and unnecessary in our lives is to keep the offense on the other person! And pout, ignore, be angry and remember all the bad words that were said when that to each other. Are you serious??? And you offer me with such a burden to live? No, friends, I my nerves more. Live your life for yourself if You like!”, – wrote an angry girl in social networks.