Nastasya Samburski has completely changed the way

The last few years the star of the series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski remains almost in the same way. Recently the actress went in search of something new for myself and began to experiment first with the color of the hair, but now with its length.

Samburski before published photos and videos which showed how she changed.

The actress got rid of long curls, making a very unusual and trendy short hairstyle, with a few bright pink strands.

Under the posts nastasi in a new image to her followers launched a real debate about the fact that the actress goes more – long monochrome hair or colored Kare.

“I like a cool idea!”, “It became even more beautiful!”, “What is decisive, is better than long!” — wrote some. “No, why did you do it? Is not a…”, “Began to look older than their years!” “Failed, return all as was!” — replied the other.

She Samburski, as she admitted, was pleased with the change, however, while being in a light shock from such a drastic change.


Source: 7days.ru
Photo: 7days.ru

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