NASA asked everyone to send to Mars your name – 24???

Representatives from NASA prepared to send to Mars machine InSight. On Board the device every inhabitant of the planet can leave your name. This was told by experts of Laboratory of jet movement of NASA.

Bruce Banerdt, head of the mission InSight, noted that the campaign is aimed at promoting the colonization of the red planet. A similar initiative has already been performed by NASA employees in 2015.

“Anyone can be part of the mission,” said Banerdt.

To make his name until the end of October 2017. You must register on the website of the Laboratory.

Mission InSight | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

As is known, the apparatus of the InSight is designed to explore the surface of Mars. On Board the probe operates seismograph and geophysical thermometer. These technologies will help to measure the temperature of the interior of Mars.

Previously, NASA recorded the most powerful in the history of lights on Mars.