Nanny and Valera Blumenkranz face the risk of guardianship

And although the couple returned to the Perimeter just a few weeks ago, during this period of time they managed to alienate a significant portion of the fans of the reality show. Initially, not all endorsed the desire of the participants to raise my daughter in the Perimeter, moreover, the recent spree of young parents became for many the last straw, says the website life-dom2.su.

Thus, the network is already possible to hear not only criticism, but a warning to the Tats and Valera. While some are interested in what participants give birth, if not in a hurry, do not engage in his upbringing, others intend to bring care and even to deprive of the parental rights of both spouses.

“I can’t understand if the child was born, now it is impossible to go anywhere? We have sex Russian live, went on a holiday or a birthday, leaving the child to his grandmother. What is wrong?! They’ve left him home alone, hungry” – the audience wrote “House 2”.