Named the ugliest dog in the world

What a cute devil! Recently in California held a contest Sonoma-Marin County Fairgrounds, which was chosen the most ugly dog in the world. The palm went to the seventeen year old almost blind dog is a mixed breed (cross between a Chihuahua and Chinese crested) named Swipe Rambo.

The pet owner Jason burza reported that the dog was a gift from his wife, they divorced long ago. During the divorce, the wife left the dog to her husband, because he thought her ugly. Jason is so attached to the four-legged freak, that even takes it with him to ride a motorcycle. For the first place Jason and Rambo got fifteen hundred dollars. Considering the honorable age of the dog, they need to start spending money now.
The competition jury noted another pet – a cross between “palutakse and Chinese crested” (as defined by the owners) Hemicube, which very much was similar to the presidential candidate from the Republican party of Donald trump.

To look at him even on the personal page of dog on Instagram, which leads his owner Heather Wilson.


Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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