Named the real reason of the divorce Chadova and Ditkovskite

Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva said that in the divorce Alexei Chadova and Agnes Ditkovskite is to blame the wife, as her character with a dictatorial inclination. He said that good relations between the spouses in the family should be equality.


Online divorce Alexei Chadova and Agnes Ditkovskite has caused a storm of uncertain speculation and conjecture about the reason for such action, but the expert numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva was able to determine the true cause of such a short relationship. She studied the work of the former spouses and came to the conclusion that Chadova a very low self-esteem, than not fail to use his fiancee, and therefore dominated in their relationship. She also said that the numbers Chadov could not tolerate such attitudes, and therefore their separation is only a matter of time.

At the moment Alexey Chadov remains the most desirable and eligible bachelor, and many of his fans from the heart I wish him to find the girl that will truly love him. Professional numerologist forecast and said that the actor you want to look for a narrowed, which can make the family an equal relationship and will help and support the wife, not to control him as she pleases.