Named the official cause of death of Dmitry Maryanova – 24???

Experts called the cause of death of actor Dmitry Marjanov. The death of 47-year-old actor was a real blow for the family and fans and shrouded in conjecture.

The TV channel NTV shows the official opinion of the experts according to which in the blood Maranova was not discovered alcohol. Contrary to rumors, Dmitry died from cardiac arrest due to heavy blood loss.

Named the official cause of death of Dmitry Marjanova | wikimedia.org

According to experts, the actor could really be saved if medical care were provided efficiently and in a timely manner.

Recall that the famous actor died on 15 Oct. That day Maryanov complained of back pain and General malaise, after which he lost consciousness. According to friends, the ambulance has not responded to the call, says Cosmo.