Nail trimming according to the lunar calendar in November 2017

Beautiful and manicured nails always attract attention. To choose the best day for the care of hands will help lunar calendar nail clippers for November 2017.

Well-groomed hands are a reflection of the care and neatness. Not only women but also men it is important to care for your nails to maintain the image of a successful person. Besides, there are many reasons why nail trimming during certain moon days undesirable because of the possibility to invite trouble. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru have prepared for you a detailed calendar, with which you will be able to avoid negativity and to attract into your life prosperity.

Favorable and unfavorable days for cutting nails

1-3 November: waxing Moon in Aries — a good time for nail clippers. The first and second of November, with shortening of the nail plate and giving it a rounded shape you will be able to get rid of a headache, feel more confident and to smooth out conflicts. But the third cutting should refrain, so as not to provoke indisposition.

4-5 November: full Moon on Saturday and the first day of the waning moon will be held under the auspices of the constellation of Taurus. November 4, it is desirable to refrain from cutting nails. 5 numbers with trim, you’ll be able to get the attention of colleagues and superiors, to say goodbye to the negative and to prevent stratification of the nail plate.

6-7 November: the Moon in Gemini is a great time to establish contacts with close people, relatives and lovers. Energy of the constellation allows you to take an active manipulation of the nails, including cut and reshape. If you want to get rid of obsessive care, give your nails a pointed shape.

November 8-9: influence of the constellation of Cancer these days is ambiguous. Wednesday nail trimming may lead to failures on the personal front, but if your relationship has outlived its usefulness, cut nails worth it. And on Thursday the manipulation of the nail plate will help you avoid obstacles on the path of life and successfully complete the complex cases.

10-11 Nov: Leo the zodiac and the energy of the waning moon in these days are not conducive to attracting good luck, so the trimming of nails is better to postpone. Trim and reshape the nails can lead to injuries and cuts. Enjoy medical and caring procedures.

November 12-13: the positive influence of Virgo will help to get rid of negativity and negative emotions, accumulated earlier. If you have serious conversations, business meetings, large purchases or other important things, trim the nails. So you will attract good luck. Enhance the effect by using talismans that protect from the evil eye.

November 14-15: in these days the Moon moves to the constellation Libra, and on 14 November you will be able to attract luck on your side with shortening of the nail plate and rounding of the tips of the nails. But the 15th day of the haircut should be abandoned in favor of manicure without trimming and sawing.

November 16-18: three day Moon will be in Scorpio, making a failed active manipulation of the nails. Shortening the nails during this period, you can weaken the aura and become vulnerable to enemies. This time designed for caring and regenerating treatments for the skin.

19-20 November: the moon rise continues, and from Sunday to Monday, she will visit the constellation Sagittarius. This time filled with positive energy, which will allow any manipulation of the nail plates. With haircuts you get rid of the brittleness and fragility of the nail, making the manicure, will be able to overcome shyness and doubt.

21-23 November: the constellation of Capricorn helps to move out of apathy and depression. Lovely ladies should use this period to develop a bold and bright design of manicure and to make it a reality on their own or with the help of professional masters of nail service. Men skin care treatments and trimming his nails will help to gather your thoughts and choose the right path to success.

November 24-25: during these days you will be in the power of the waxing moon and the constellation of Aquarius. Astrologers recommend to refrain from paring 24th, so as not to introduce infection. On November 25, grooming and trimming nails will return to you cheerful mood, and you will be able to start productive communication in business and personal spheres of life.

26-28 November: the three-day period, given the power constellation of the Fish, only 27 Nov nail trimming will allow you to attract good luck. In other days the astrologers recommend avoiding active manipulation, not to provoke the capricious Fortune on unexpected turns.

November 29-30: last days of the outgoing fall will again be in the power of Aries. This period was characterized by a positive energy conducive to nail clippers. You will increase your confidence if will shortly cut nails, and place people to himself, with a well-chosen manicure and pedicure.

Cut nails can be based not only on the monthly calendar, but the days of the week. Astrologers have noticed that on certain days the energy of stars and planets literally favors active procedures associated not only with a manicure and hair. Create your own unique style along with a calendar haircuts.