Nadezhda Ermakova told about his inconsistency


I weaved from contradictions, often it is difficult for me. Sometimes surprised that I find people who are my people. I’m sometimes funny to the point of absurdity. Then straighten your curls, reduce freckles, then tan face. Then sleep till the last, and then jump as if stung. Then eat at night chocolate and wonder, what’s up, I recovered. The topic of weight finally relevant as ever. Only I could buy an annual subscription to the gym and go once, I spent 3 months on a strict diet and take off 7.5 kg, per month, get 5. Hiding from all friends, because I got tired, then at night can descend to visit because you missed me. Can zaplanirovany a lot of stuff for the weekend and to score at all, so that the whole day to sleep. We build ourselves out of the iron lady, crying over a sentimental movie. And this is only a small part contradictory to me. And friends and relatives of love for simplicity. Where else easier. And what are you? Write a comment about yourself, interesting to read.
[Author: Nadezhda Yermakova]