Nadezhda Ermakova respect honest people

Tell me that you are surrounded by real people? Not those who, out of politeness will ask: “how are you doing?” knowing what you have in life the Typhoon crossed and all the is not ice, but really just keep quiet next. A true friend – one whose presence in your life, you feel thousands of miles away, not the one who out of courtesy holding your hand, thinking that then you will be useful to him… I am strongly against hypocrisy. I so do not grab the stars from the sky, do not cry, good and not wrap my life in a beautiful wrapper from gilded paper! I am and I expect the same. Sincerity. They can personally I don’t like it or their point of view, I will never be able to separate the two, but honesty I’m going to respect them! Sorry, such people are few. They like ice cream melting before our eyes! Maybe their capital is sifts?