N. About.M. and a Great autumn concert

October 6 — concert in the Central part of the main Comedy rockers of the country “MR.” in the Petersburg club The Place.

Masters of evil and gloom fun music group N. O.M. will give a big autumn concert “was Chisel-Michel”, timed to the visit of the former soloist Alexander Leaver home.

This evening will include works from the new album “I hear you”, on which work began this summer and all the best from the extensive repertoire of the group.

The interior of the club will be decorated with works Kopeikin and other artists of the gallery “Pig’s Snout”.

“MR.” — a group that has managed to carry its ironic creativity through the centuries and which is still strong enough to hold the incredible scope and content of the performances.

Gold membership, the main hymns in the style of a comic rock, gallery of funny disguise to October 6, the band “NOM” is awaiting you under the arches of the club “The Place”.