Mutilated by a plastic surgeon Sasha Project sued financial compensation

Four years it took the singer Sasha Project to achieve legal responsibility from the surgeon who changed her beyond recognition.

Alexander Ginzburg a.k.a. Sasha Project has won a court case about the financial compensation for moral damages from the surgeon who installed her breast implants re-used.

November 24, the court held that the surgeon in the person of Andrey Varashkevich must pay the girl 2.2 million rubles for the correction of those flaws that she had formed after his surgery: “the Prosecutor and the court were put forward that the truth is on our side. I hope that this nightmare will finally end. The money will go to fix all the flaws and injuries, which caused Sasha. In the process of examination revealed that she had to remove implants from the breast because they can at any time burst. She did a repair operation after twice inserted an implant in the chin, so now she can start to fall out teeth. Sasha also need to alter and nose. Came a beautiful girl, she has changed beyond recognition. She goes to mirror and sees someone else’s face. Not only that, it’s not her, so it still disfigured by scars, failures, inflammations and bruises. Sasha’s breast implants were reused, and this was confirmed by the manufacturer. Our history lesson for all” — shared with the press mother of the actress Margaret.

Recall the story of Sasha Project with a botched plastic surgery started about 4 years ago. Then the 22-year-old singer, who gave birth to their first child, wanted to return to the previous form of the Breasts. But the surgeon convinced her to tweak her a little chin and nose, promising to do her best Angelina Jolie.

At the end of the operation Sasha was shocked at how ruined her appearance: the chin was inserted crooked, the nose, and the chest has acquired a square-triangular form.

Then Sasha Project required a new surgery, which was corrected the flaws.

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