Music producer Dr. Luke is leaving Sony

Two years of lawsuits last between the music producer Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gabaldon) and his client Caches. The latter was accused of rape, low pay, her work and verbal abuse in all that time that it was working with him. Today it became known that the producer leaves Sony, however, is this good for the singer?

Sources report that the company may no longer be a mediator in these lawsuits, but now Mr. Gottwald may shake in the court for former pupils, giving proofs of its destructive impact on his career.
However, the Cache was not able to prove that over the years, Dr. Luke raped her, and these charges were dropped. The producer insists that the singer is lying and is only doing this in order to get rid of the bondage for her contract, which she signed at the age of eighteen.
It is unknown whether Luke was forced to leave, or was it his desire. And it is not important, even ceasing its cooperation with such a powerful Corporation, Gottwald has been and remains one of the best producers of the American music industry. Not lost man, in one word.

Source: http://www.contactmusic.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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