“Music Manifesto against corruption in the Altai Republic” refused to include in the Guinness Book of records

Track Siberian rappers who pretended to the title of the lengthy, made the Guinness Book of records. Novosibirsk and Altai singers decided to sing about sore – and about corruption in their region, which, as it turned out, not only speak, but also pet a very long time.

The song, called “Music Manifesto against corruption in the Altai”, which was performed by 105 artists, lasts 46 minutes. His creation, the rappers wanted to attract the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the corrupt lawlessness in the region.
The track was recorded during hip-hop festival, which was held in Altai Republic, from 28 to 31 July. The idea to record the song the rappers emerged after the scandal of falsification of the election Biisk in 2010.

Source: https://lenta.ru
Photo: http://ndn.info

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