Much thinner Anfisa Chekhov boasted a figure in a bikini

Anfisa Chekhova is on vacation in Turkey. The presenter managed to lose almost 25 pounds and she never misses a chance to boast of her figure, which now showed in the bikini.


In your account in Instagram she told followers that decided to spend their short vacation on the Turkish coast, choosing Kemer where it is located in a five star hotel.

When subscribers began to ask the presenter if she was afraid of the enterovirus Coxsackie, which, according to the media, raged in Turkey and the Russians, who had previously intended to go there, rent vouchers, Chekhov answered, learned about it on television once settled in the hotel.

In her message, she noted, everything in the hotel is alive and well. However, said Chekhov, in the pool, few people bathed, but it’s not because people are afraid, but because the sea is very warm.

Despite the warnings of her followers about the dangers of the virus, Chekhov said that is not going to interrupt a holiday in Turkey and have posted their photos of her in bikini shows the results of your weight loss.

Her followers, especially men, agree in the comments, show there are. Her body, they write, began to resemble an hourglass.