“Mother was in prison and 2 million in debt”: Sasha Black said about the past

Sasha Black told the shocking details of his life before the project. Her mother was in prison, and her debt of about 2 million rubles.

Recently it became known that the mother of Alexandra Black is a felon. In one interview, the participant “House-2” admitted that the woman who gave birth to her, never appeared to her mother. Present the girl’s mother – a felon who was twice imprisoned for fraud.

In addition, Sasha admitted that she lied to the insurance company, and was seriously fined. Now Black is hanging a huge debt in the amount of two million rubles.

Later the Network began to appear rumors that the mother of Sasha a normal woman, moreover she doesn’t judge and works in a taxi. On top of that, rumors of debt the participants also fiction, to attract more attention.

On the eve of Sasha again confirmed his words. According to her, the girl will indeed have to pay a fine of two million rubles, and all the assurances about the criminal past of the mother is true.

“And so, the magazine “the house-2” wrote an article about my past. A lot of questions and rumors with regards to this situation, now your doubts I fully dispel.

1. My mother was in prison. At the moment, where she is, I don’t know, maybe many years, we do not support any brand communication.

2. Live at M. O. Sergiev Posad p. Myshutyne (and then someone wrote that I was cheated out of town).

3. With regards to my debt… I have about 2 million rubles of three girls (my friends). Fraudulently forced to take their credit for which they are now paying the price. Should give them around 50 p per month.

4. For 3 years I worked in an honest way in an insurance brokerage organization. Accumulating customer base, then the money made me a little… I went to work for the Scam (without knowing it) and therefore had a financial problem due to which I had to ask the girls money. Life was certainly very scary, several times I was on the verge of death. There were threats and harassment and even attacks.

5. The groom (the man I was going to marry, who left shortly before the wedding was 2 years ago).

6. About the last and most difficult stories for me, I blame. The man promised me nothing, I was hoping that something happens. If I fell in love with it all. I crazy love and I don’t hear anyone. Esters now example.

In any case, what happened, happened. Nothing changed. The main thing in the future not to do terrible things. To solve the fin obligations. Good to all of you. Judge not, lest ye be judged.”