“Mother” Verka Serduchka was beaten at the fair

Ukrainian actress Inna Belokon, known for the image of the mother of Verka Serducha, and her eighteen year old daughter, beaten by the Gypsies. it happened at the fair in the Poltava region of Ukraine, which is annually held a Grand shopping event.

As told friends of Inna, she and her husband in Poltava restaurant business, and annually they put your tray on the fair in Great Sorochintsah. So it was this year. Inna’s husband was away on business, behind the counter there was only she and her daughter and a friend. They were approached by twelve of the Roma with whom the conflict began. After a short skirmish, the Gypsies attacked the women and beat them. Police arrived on the call, did not even know it Belokon. Now the actress is all bruises, and the daughter – injury of the jaw. Law enforcement officers establish the identity of the Roma, who beat her and her daughter.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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