Mother Svetlana Loboda resigned after his visit to Moscow

A couple of weeks ago, Andrei Malakhov decided to dedicate one of the editions of “Let them talk” the Ukrainian singer Loboda (Svetlana Loboda). The Studio was invited close to the singer people, including her colleague “VIA Gra” Hope Meyher, her friend Lolita, as well as the family – daughter, sister and mother. The emergence of mother Loboda on the broadcast provoked a scandal, which ended not too well.

The presence of Natalia Loboda on the air, and handing her cake Russian journalists in her country incorrectly regarded. The reason for this was the fact that Natalia is the Deputy of the Irpin town. Communication with Russian journalists was seen as a toadying, because she was asked to resign Deputy authority. Which she did.

At the moment Natalia Loboda comment. The mayor of Kramatorsk said that the actions Loboda as mothers “understandable”, so he did not “condemn or justify”.

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: instagram.com

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