Mother Selena Gomez quarrels with daughter over her novel

While American singer Selena Gomez enjoys its relationship with Canada by The Weekend, her mother and friends bend over backwards to convince the actress to slow down and not much to get involved with this novel.

It is not a secret that Selena rehabe recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, and not from lupus complications that was announced in the official version. The new boyfriend of the singer’s long history of relations with illicit drugs, and it can not scare a loved Selena.
According to sources close to Selene, the mother said to her: “If you don’t stop drinking, using drugs and to have such relationships, you will end up in the ditch.”
The insider agrees with the mother and I am sure that if Gomez don’t slow down now, then her path will be bright and long.
“It will be even harder to stop. She has twice been treated for drug addiction, and now can easily decide on hard drugs. She has no will power. She will not stop until they ruin themselves,” says the insider.
With a mother like Selena is not the best relations. Quarreled with a loved one, Gomez has fired her as Manager. Mandy made every effort to return daughter to Texas, but she remained in Los Angeles and now it does not fetch home.
Recall that the 26-year-old boyfriend singer The Weeknd confessed that he had experience with hard drugs in the past. Now the lovers spend too much time in clubs, where, according to insiders, “the temptation”.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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