Mother Olga Rapunzel hurries to the aid of their daughter

However, Olga’s words about how he blossomed after leaving the reality show and believed by many. Rapunzel was told that her lover was to afford a great many things, in particular, is addicted to alcohol. In addition, Dima did not hesitate to use the Mat in communication with a pregnant wife, and scares her with his temper tantrums, the site says life-dom2.su.

The girl is desperate and relies on that to pacify Dimitrenko can only mother-in-law. By the way, mom Oli from day to day will appear in Moscow. And if he does not improve, the education of the child the woman will take over.

“Do not feel sorry. She brought him and now take your medicine, how much he tolerated her antics. Their screams made the boy crazy! And about the baby…If you and bear-feed” – wrote fans of “House 2”.