Mother of many children Natalia Vodianova showed the shape on vacation

Natalia Vodianova showed a surprising result speed returns to the catwalk after giving birth. To produce the fifth child, Natalia took only three weeks to get in shape and fashionable to show off on the show, proving that nothing is impossible.

Plenty narbutovich, Vodianova decided that even she needs a break, because taking the snake and the children she went on vacation.

Of course, the photos don’t have to wait long. On his page on Instagram, the model published a picture, which impressed her followers.

The model has surprised his subscribers with a slender figure. The photo depicts Natalia in shorts and t-shirt. We see that the notion of “flabby belly” after giving birth (especially the fifth) are not familiar Vodianova, in addition, the legs are slender.

“Not mom, and the girl … well Done”, “beautiful as always”, “So skinny,” “This is the mother of five children! In the rapture!”, “Just had a baby and in such a gorgeous form”, “Example”, — said the Natalia her fans.

We will remind, in the beginning of the summer she became the mother of a boy named Roman. This is the second child mannequins in Alliance with the French billionaire Antoine Arnault. The couple has shared his elder son Maxim. Additionally, Natalie brings a 14-year-old Lucas and 10-year-old Neva, 8-year-old Victor, born from the marriage with a British aristocrat Justin Portman.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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