Mother-in-law and unborn children divorced Olga Buzova with her husband

Recently Olga Buzova planned extension of the family with her husband Dmitry Tarasov. The star of “House-2” said that it’s that time, when you think about children. Then suddenly something changed and now instead of the news about the pregnancy of presenter, we discussed her breakup with athlete.

Moreover, the breakup promises to be the lightest, and all because of the jointly acquired property, which is now Tarasov does not want to share.

In may 2015 Dima and Olga bought a luxurious house in the suburbs, but for some reason decorated the house was for a mother of a football player.

“To do so made him a bitter experience when he in 2011 to divorce his wife, Oksana, in court had to pay her $ 21 million roubles. Dima was afraid that Olga will be the same…” – said a friend of the football player by the name of Anna.

Olga’s arguments that the house should be because it will grow their children, Dmitri had no effect, because the extended family wanted only Buzova: “Children Tarasov, raising a seven year old daughter angelina, she didn’t. Olya also dreamed about the baby… Yes, she’s a career woman, has achieved great heights, but without a child?”.

By the way, it is worth noting that this parting was not without the intervention Nastasya Samburski. This summer, the name of the artist is frequently used in the context of separation Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov. Now my two cents, the actress decided to insert here. On his page in Instagram Samburski published a photo on which she is shown lying on the bed with a t-shirt that says the name of “Tarasov”.

“I hope this story will not suspect me — me and football do not like” — it is written under the photo.

On the publication responded Dmitri Tarasov, the player said Samburski: “Nastya, do not shoot us.”

After a flood of furious comments from fans of Olga Buzova Samburski hastened to complement the post with the words “Tarabotti! Make it up, please.”

Source: dni.ru, life.ru
Photo: Teleprogramma.pro life.ru

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