Mother Enrique Iglesias told about the pregnancy of Anna Kournikova

The news that 16 Dec Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova became the parents of twins was a complete surprise for millions of fans of couples around the world. Anna and Enrique have been together for 16 years and carefully concealed his personal life. For many remained a mystery, as Kournikova was able to hide his interesting position for 9 months and never seen by the paparazzi with a rounded belly.

The situation is a little clarified Enrique’s mom, Isabel Preysler. In a recent interview with the magazine “Hola!” she told me that she had made a special effort to hide the rounded belly. “She did not have much to relax or to visit doctors. It was a completely normal pregnancy. Anna didn’t hide anything. She just leads a quiet home life, so no one knew about her interesting position,” said Preysler.

Also, Isabel told me that her son and Anna were carefully preparing for the appearance of babies born. The pair has done in his country house, expensive repairs to make their children as comfortable as possible.