Moon day today, October 29, 2017

Lunar calendar to use the moon’s influence for their own benefit. Given the energy of the moon, you can control your luck and confident to follow the dream.

Lunar energy gives each day individuality, and new opportunities. This is because the position of the moon changing every day, and with it her mood. Today we will have one of the most auspicious days in October, which should be properly undertaken. Five rituals of a successful person will help you to successfully start the morning and leave luck to yourself throughout the day.

Moon phase: today 10 day of the moon, which will relinquish their rights 11 lunar days 15:07 Moscow time. This means that the Moon continues to grow. Her stay in the Sign of Aquarius will make October 29, a very exciting and dynamic day.

Magnetic storms: 29 October solar activity will be zero. Magnetic storms are not expected.

That will bring good luck:
easy communication;
spiritual quest;
sale, purchase and rental of real estate.
That will scare the luck:
obsessive thoughts;
Home 29 Oct

Sunday was anciently reserved for leisure, creativity and spiritual quest. Today, therefore, it is best to have rest from work and the hustle and bustle. This will contribute to an invigorating and exciting energy that makes people good effect. Better not to start a time-consuming business, and to save energy and make it positive. In the growth period of the moon activity moon is growing exponentially, so the risk to be deceived, to feel Almighty. If there is a desire to have fun, follow him. Do not build obstacles to happiness, get rid of negative thoughts with love, creativity and optimism.

Finance and career Sunday

When solving financial problems keep calm and avoid risks. Today will give confidence in the selected path. If you suddenly lost courage, moral support from loved ones. It is not excluded that today you will see far beyond their capabilities, so do not limit yourself. Build global plans, materialize their desires, then any test will seem less terrible. Besides, it’s a perfect day for serious issues related to real estate. But spontaneous decisions should beware. Be careful, then financial problems will not affect your life.

Closet according to the lunar calendar

Today need peace of mind and ease in dealing with people. To reduce the increased influence of the moon and to harmonize its activity will help wear yellow. These shades will give you the sociability, curiosity, courage and attractiveness. You will be cheerful, confident, creative and joyful. Of mascots, the best choice would be those metals which have long served as a hallmark of nobility, gold and platinum.

Health and mood today

According to the lunar calendar, serious threats to health today, no. However, if your activity is related to the interaction with people or entertainment, passion can make you forget about food and sleep. Over-voltage will negatively affect the health and nervous system, so do not forget about the rest in a timely manner.

Today is a good day to get rid of all that accumulated in the shower. Perhaps, October 29 — one of those days in which to release negative programs is given to be surprisingly easy. Will not only to lighten the load of negativity, but to change your thinking to positive, leaving behind their pessimistic views.

Love and relationships in the 10th and 11th lunar day

Aquarius rising and Moon rarely find a common language, but almost never come into dissonance. Due to this, in relations with people is an opportune period. Love today is something to aspire to. Just avoid too soft, do not let one of you twisted rope, stick to the Golden mean. Those who have not yet found the satellite, today can count on a meeting, which will be able to develop into a relationship full of passion. The stars advise you to be bolder in dealing with their personal lives. Solitude is dangerous today, but if you feel fine alone, it will not cause any harm.

Each new day is a great opportunity to start a new life. The main thing is not to act blindly: the Moon can disrupt many of your plans, so don’t underestimate it. Live in tune with the influence of the moon, so luck was always on your side. We wish you good mood, good day,